Church circles and committees

Church Circles

Our church committee activities are organized into four larger Circles. For a description of each committee and the leadership and names of contacts, click the committee name below. To contact any group leader, get his or her email information from the directory or send an email to

Wisdom Circle

We search for wisdom through our worship services and our educational programs:

Mission Circle

We follow Jesus’ commandments to care for the needy:

Jubliee Circle

We celebrate our connections with each other and support each other in our faith:

Stewardship Circle

We are careful stewards of our resources:

Committee Descriptions and Contacts

Wisdom Circle Committees

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee oversees the details of all worship services in collaboration with the ministers, and facilitates the needs of the music program under the supervision of the Director of Music. Included in this committee are three sub-committees: Communion sets up the Communion Table monthly and changes the colors of the Communion cloths and lectern/pulpit paraments, as well as keeping the baptismal font filled with water. Liturgical Arts is responsible for changing the adornments (banners, flowers, pew décor) in the sanctuary and church site according to the church year requirements and for festival occasions, as well as supervising other arts, such as dance, that will be used in worship. The Ushers are responsible for greeting parishioners, collecting the offering, and lighting the Christ Candle and other candles used in worship. Chairperson: Jeannie Bowman. Communion Coordinators: Malissa Haslem and Jane Stringfellow. Liturgical Arts Coordinators: Jane Alexander and Leah Paalman. Head Usher: James Smock.

Adult Education Committee

The Adult Education Committee plans adult enrichment classes and discussion groups that take place throughout the year. The areas of focus are current issues, mission and social justice topics, and study of theological thought and the Bible. The committee is responsible for securing presenters, scheduling classes, and working with church staff to promote the activities. Their main focus is Sunday morning activities but they also oversee other enrichment opportunities throughout the week, such as Bible study groups, book discussion groups, and spiritual direction. Chairperson: Rebecca Hodges

Wednesday Morning Meditation

Wednesday Morning Prayer is open to all.   It meets in the chapel at 7:00 am.   Six to twenty people attend on any given Wednesday …rain, snow, sleet or hail.  A short prayer service is followed by coffee time with a far ranging discussion.  The prayer service is built around the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship (Daily Prayer) and includes the lectionary readings for the coming Sunday, intercessory prayers and times of silence.  Contacts: Jane Gee and John Pasch 

Children and Youth Committee

The Children and Youth Committee plans the activities for our children and youth, including Sunday Worship Workshop, the Sunday Music Program and special activities such as Easter Egg Hunts and summer reading programs. Chairperson: Steve Kinnett 

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women (PW) is the national women’s organization of the Presbyterian Church, USA. The purpose of PW is to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women. The group meets monthly except for summer and studies the Horizons Bible Study. In addition to Bible study, PW also supports national and international PW missions. It conducts the Alternative Christmas Market on the first Sunday of December, offering local groups a chance to sell products that support their mission and selling baked goods and other items to support other missions. Moderator: Jean Ball.

Mission Circle 

Mission and Social Justice Committee

The Mission and Social Justice (MSJ) Committee determine which missions we fund as an organization. These groups become our hands and feet in meeting the needs of those in our midst who have very few resources for daily living. It is our hope that we who have so much will in addition to our money offer our hearts and prayers to these ministries that they may become in reality a part of our faith commitment. Most of the funding goes to local missions; however, some funds are also allocated for regional/national and international missions (including free trade coffee and olive oil). Creation Care is a subgroup of MSJ that focuses on our responsibility to care for the earth. Co-Chairs of MSJ: Judy Crawford and Mary Ann Lundy. Chairperson of Creation Care: Mary Ann Lundy. Chairperson of Café Justo/Just Coffee: Mary Finney.

Child Development Center Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee supports and advises our Child Development Center, an onsite preschool serving children ages one to five years. The Committee assists the Preschool Director in establishing overall policies and procedures, fundraising, and conducting special projects. Chairperson: Jane Stringfellow 


The Outreach Committee is tasked with looking out for visitors at all events and reaching out to them as ambassadors of the Church. Committee members look for visitors at both services and attempt to talk to them after the service. Committee members also review the friendship pads every week and send visitors a note or email. Each month “meet and greet” sessions are held for those who wish to explore membership or just want to learn more about programs at the Church or are new to Santa Fe. When new members are welcomed in to the Church, Committee members participate in the service and present the newcomers with a “welcome bag” containing our free trade coffee, a First Presbyterian Christmas ornament, or other gift(s). Finally, the Committee members attempt to integrate new members into various church activities. Chairperson: Bruce Black

Jubilee Circle


The Communications Committee facilitates internal and external communications about the church’s activities and spirit. Its responsibilities include (1) disseminating information about church policies, activities, and events on a regular basis to the congregation through print and email pieces, on the website, and in other venues; (2) overseeing the design, content, and maintenance of the church’s website; and (3 assisting in the review of major communications sent by other committees and the staff, as needed and requested. Chairperson: Mary Neff 


The responsibility of the History Committee is to receive, organize, and archive the official records and other historically significant documents of this church and to educate the membership (and at times the community) in the history of the church.  This is a constant ongoing process. Chairperson: Jean Ball 

Back Pew Gallery

The Back Pew Gallery exhibits a variety of high quality art from church and community artists. Over the years, the Gallery has featured more than 20 different exhibits including a homeless artist show, work done by children, assisted living artist exhibits, and a show of art from our sister church in Cuba. The Gallery is open to visitors on Sunday mornings, Saturday mid-days, and Friday evenings. The gallery supports its efforts through donations from the artists and others. A planning group determines the theme, identifies the artists, arranges the display, and staffs the Gallery when open. Group leader: Carol Fallis

Men’s Breakfast

Once a month, the men of the church prepare a breakfast for men and women along with a presentation. The planning group prepares the menu, shops for food, identifies and invites speakers, and prepares and serves the food. Planning Group Leader: John Whitcomb 

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry gatherings are held twice a month at the church. The time together is spent knitting, sharing community, praying, and meditating. Once a shawl is completed it is blessed in Sunday worship, as well as in the gathering. The shawl is then delivered to one who is going through a hard place in life or possibly at a time of celebration. The group receives requests for shawls from church members, friends, and the community at large. For more information, contact Betty Kersting or Gay Hill. 

Stewardship Circle

Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is charged with assisting the Pastor and the Session in the management of the business and corporate operations of the Church as a New Mexico nonprofit corporation. The members of the Committee serve ex officio and consist of the Pastor, the officers of the corporation (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary/Clerk of Session), and the Chairs of the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committees. The Committee meets as necessary to address urgent matters requiring resolution between Session meetings, or to provide analysis and recommendations as requested on Church matters coming before the Session that involve complex or conflicting issues. Chairperson: Bill Eklund

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee works with the Office and Facilities Managers and oversees the use, maintenance and improvements to our historic building. They address immediate concerns, budget matters, and long range planning. Subgroups and individuals also work on the Columbarium, IT/computers, the kitchen, hospitality (open doors and overnight use), and safety issues. Chairperson: John Whitcomb. Columbarium: Jenny Vellinga.  IT/Computers: Seth Hinshaw. Kitchen: Anne Maglisceau.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for (1) supporting preparation of the annual operating budget; (2) working with the Pastor to identify persons having responsibility for spending and preparing guidance for those individuals; (3) monitoring of budget execution and spending of restricted funds; and (4) reviewing financial reports and making recommendations to Session. Chairperson: Dennis Sanderson

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for (1) identifying and evaluating potential investments; (2) making recommendations to the Session with regard to particular investments; and (3) monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Church’s investments to Session. Chairperson: Dennis Sanderson


The Nominating Committee selects candidates for the Session, Board of Deacons, chairs of committees, and corporate officers. It reviews information on eligible church members in order to match the appropriate persons to the responsibilities of the leadership position. The Nominating Committee, after consultation with the candidates, submits the candidate name to the Session for approval. Chairperson: Dick Lindahl 


The Personnel Committee seeks to build and maintain a healthy work environment for all church staff by (1) setting forth clear guidelines delineating expectations, evaluation of performance, benefits, and personnel policies for all staff members; (2) reviewing and recommending to Session approval of changes to staff position descriptions and compensation packages; and (3) reviewing annually the FPC Human Resource Manual, working with the head of Staff and the CDC Director to ensure compliance and uniform application of policies. Chairperson: Sharon Eklund

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for overseeing all fundraising activities of the Church. Specifically, it is responsible for: (1) conducting the annual stewardship campaign; (2) overseeing special offerings and fundraising campaigns, including capital campaigns as needed; and (3) interacting with potential donors who express interest in giving to the Church by way of wills, bequests, trusts, memorials, endowments, restricted gifts, or other forms of special gifts. Chairperson: Margaret Lyerly 

Capital Campaign Committee

In 2016, a Capital Campaign Committee was created to spearhead a three-year campaign, to be launched during our 150th anniversary year. The role of the committee is to develop campaign fundraising goals and strategies, design process, create materials, and oversee the campaign through its completion. Co-Chairpersons: Plato Karayanis and Diane Buchanan.