Charles Blanchard, piano

July 21, 2017 — 5:30 pm
Music of the Opera

Virtuoso 19th Century Opera Piano Transcriptions

Grand Concert Fantasy on 'La Straniera' by BelliniSigisimund Thalberg
Concert Waltz a capriccio on two themes from Donizetti's 'Lucia de
Lammermoor' and 'Parisina'
Franz Liszt

In the early 19th century Sigisimund Thalberg was perhaps the only concert pianist considered a possible rival of Franz Liszt (however briefly), and the two once shared the stage at a charity benefit salon concert. Liszt went on to become the greatest pianist in history, Thalberg is now vaguely remembered for his secondary role in that same history, primarily for his beautiful opera transcriptions for the piano and the contemporary anecdotes about his impeccable technique.