Creation care


The Creation Care program was created in 2007 as a ministry of the church to create a God-centered response to the environmental crisis. The purpose of the program is to inspire a transformation of consciousness and to promote living responsibly for the healing of and care for the earth. First Presbyterian Church became an Earth Care Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2014 and continues that association in 2017.

Our “green” initiatives have included:

  • Maintaining the Rooftop Garden
  • Participating in Earth Day activities
  • Contributing to Santa Fe Community Farm
  • Sponsoring seminars and workshops about “green “ topics, including climate change, water resources, household energy use, and gardening

Solar lamps are sold at the church to benefit those in developing countries without electricity.  Earth Care reminders are published in the bulletin each Sunday.   This spring there will be a series of three discussions planned as part of the Adult Education Series.

Please contact Mary Ann Lundy if you would like to join the Creation Care group.