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If you would like to perform on the TGIF Concert Series, please send your bio, your program, and a digital photo (all as email attachments; please do not embed them within the body of the email) with your preferred date(s), selected from the open dates listed in the schedule below, to Linda Raney at  The programs and any commentary should be 30-40 minutes in length.

To schedule practice time, please review the church calendar for Sanctuary openings and send a request to Linda Raney at the email address above to reserve times.

2018 Calendar

TGIF 10th Anniversary Season — July 27, 2018—July 26, 2019

24 Mucho Mozart!  The Galisteo String Quartet plays Mozart K. 387 and K. 465

31 Edwin Light, piano —  J. S. Bach and Poulenc


7 eSSO

14 David Solem, piano — Adams, Brahms and Ades

21 Lin Raymond, piano — Gershwin, Ginastera and Debussy

28 Jeffrey Gettleman, clarinet; Steven Ovitsky, horn and Natasha Stojanovska, piano — Carl Reinecke Trio in Bb for clarinet, horn and piano


5 David Solem, organ — Rheinberger Sonatas no. 8 and 10

12 eSSO — Haydn Divertimento in G Major; Mozart Sinfonia Concertante: Flaviano Prosperini and Ari Le soloists

Fisk Organ Festival, Oct 19—Nov 10, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the C.B. Fisk, Op. 133

Oct 19 Janette Fishell, extended recital

Oct 26 Scott Montgomery, extended recital

Nov 2 Kimberly Marshall, extended recital

Nov 9 Nathan J. Laube, extended recital

Master classes on the Saturday following the four recitals listed above.

November (cont.)

16 Black Mesa Brass Ensemble- Dukas, Dvorak, Ponchielli, J. S. Bach, Nelbel, Henderson, Ewald, Strauss

23 David Solem, piano and Linda Loving, narrator-L’Histoire de Babar le petit elephant, Poulenc

30 Saxophone Quartet McKay, Parnell, Ewazen, Street, Albeniz, Grigg, Ferran, Garland and Breur


7 High Desert Harp Ensemble

14 eSSO — Suk Meditation on the Old Czech Chorale, St. Wenceslas; Handel Organ Concerto #13: Margi Coxwell, organ soloist; Vivaldi l’Estro Armonica No. 10: Flaviano Prosperini, Keri Brinegar, Linda Armer, and Margaret Armstrong, violin soloists

21 Chancel Bell Choir-Carr, Kent, Eithun, Hakes,Carlson, Dobrinski and Stephenson

28 Jan Worden-Lackey, organ

2019 Calendar


4 Sarah Lysiak, soprano and Michael Ging, organ

11 Chancel Choir of First Presbyterian Church- Durufle Requiem


25 Grisha Krivchenia, piano


1 Ellen Leitner, violin and Claire Detels, piano

Sonata for violin and piano Op. 162/D. 574, by Franz Schubert

8 Scott and Johanna Hongill-Darsee, Medieval Ballads

15 Ron Grinage, piano

“Variations on a Theme” and works by Mozart, Mompou, & Muczynski

22 Pamela McClain, narrator and ?piano Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev


1 Michael Brazile, harpsichord- Gallot, D’Anglebert, Louis Couperin, Ennemond Gautier

8 eSSO — Haydn D Major Cello Concerto: Michael Brinegar, soloist; Haydn Symphony No. 15

15 Fools Play

22 Linda Raney, organ Bach’s Birthday

29 Chris Livingston Jazz trio, bass, drums, guitar, piano


5 Turquoise Trail Baroque Band

12 Chancel Bell Choir of First Presbyterian

19 Good Friday Chancel Choir  of First Presbyterian – Requiem by Luigi Cherubini

26 Las Cantantes Maxine Thevenot, director


3 Santa Fe Community College Chorale Fred Graham, director

10 Greg Dufford, clarinet and Peggy Lyon, piano

Erich Korngold Concerto

17 Travis Bregier, baritone, and David Beatty, piano

24 Linda Mack and Scott Hagler, Vivace Piano Duo

31 Chancel Choir of First Presbyterian- Haydn Teresa Mass


7 Larry Wexler, piano-Schubert,  Sonata in Bb

14 Jared Aragón, organ, and Barbara Freischlad, percussion

21 eSSO — Haydn Violin & Keyboard: Kathy MacIntosh, harpsichord, and Stephen Redfield, violin; Haydn Symphony No. 16

28 Joseph Zamora, piano


5 Jakob Kaare-Rasmussen, piano

12 Elizabeth Young, violin and John Tiranno, tenor-

Beethoven, Donizetti, Rossini and Puccini

19 Sam Jacobs, piano- Beethoven, Liszt and Scriabin

26 Larry Palmer, organ


2 Nathan Benjamin Güç, singer and Lydia Clark, piano-

Bellini, Donaudy, Tosti, Donizetti, Curtis

9 Bernard Struber, organ- Couperin, Vierne, Messiaen and Struber

16 Elaine Meyerhoffer, mezzo and Richard Bentley, piano

23 Justin Brunette, tenor and Richard Bentley, piano

30 eSSO


6 Charlotte Rowe, piano-Respighi, Gershwin and Debussy

13 Robert Marcus, clarinet and Edwin Light, piano





11 eSSO











13 eSSO

20 Chancel Bell Choir