From time to time, the church plans special retreats centered on a specific discussion topic or event.  Although there are no special retreats planned at this time, topics of previous ones follow.

A retreat devoted to the wilderness took place at Ghost Ranch during the fall 2014.  The group’s focus was on Jesus in the wilderness, ourselves in the wilderness, and what wilderness means with a focus on the wilderness spaces in New Mexico.  In 2015, the topic of the retreat at Ghost Ranch was “From Surviving to Thriving: Sabbath as Resistance and Revolution.”  Sabbath was presented as a way of life to be lived every day in faith and not just on Sunday.  “A Kaleidoscope of Gratitude” was the topic of a retreat at the church in January 2016.  During the winter of 2017 there was a retreat, the theme of which was I Am the Clay.  It was led by Jane Knight, who is a spiritual director and a potter.  The processes used in working with clay were related to processes in our spiritual lives.