Rosie & Tom Mott


Rosie and Tom have lived in Santa Fe for over 30 years.  They previously lived in Taos, New Mexico, and Flagstaff, Arizona.

Rosie and Tom are retired.  Rosie has worked as an accountant and bookkeeper; Tom was employed by the U. S. Forest Service and served in various locations.  He has also been employed for 24 years with H & R Block in Santa Fe.

Rosie and Tom were members of the First Presbyterian Church in Taos.  As members Rosie served as a Sunday School Teacher and was a leader of the Youth Group.  Tom served as an Elder and was the church treasurer.

Rosie and Tom are compassionate.  They have a desire to help people who are in need.  As such, they have participated in the Interfaith Shelter and other charitable endeavors in the community.  Both are interested in visiting people who are ill in their homes or hospital and cooking for the hungry and the ill.