Susan Clark


Susan Clark moved to Santa Fe in May of 2017 from Colorado Springs as an “escape to feed my artistic soul” and to show her adult children how easy it is to “leave the nest.”  A former pediatric and emergency room nurse, Susan has also worked as an interior designer, fashion designer with a village industry in Mexico, cookbook author and photographer.

“Now, no longer shackled with encumbrances, I’ve circled back to serving others,” she said. “I volunteer at two shelters, help with FPC’s Second Family and serve as a coordinator for Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, an international support group for grandparents who are not allowed to see their grandchildren. My greatest joys are the days I’m in service—a toe in heaven and on earth.”

While living in Colorado Springs, Susan was a member of Cheyenne Mountain Presbyterian Church. During her tenure there, she assisted with mission and hospitality.  “Finding a church home is a Goldilocks adventure. Not too big and not too small. Just right. I attended a Celtic service followed by a Sunday service, and knew FPC was a good fit,” Susan said. “Churches can be the loneliest places on earth, but not First Presbyterian. This church is a beautiful example of Christ followers in action.”

Susan and her husband Al adopted and raised three special needs children. “Life changing,” she said. “Raising three special needs children when friends were retiring may not be the wisest thing to do, but it was the right thing to do. They are my precious babies.”  Referring to her oldest son, Susan concluded, “It’s true that a little child shall lead us—certainly to be a better Christ follower.”