First Presbyterian Church has a columbarium within its building that enables the congregation to honor its loved ones, surrounding their ashes with the continual love, faith, and devotion of the church community.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure containing spaces where family members can place urns containing the ashes of cremated loved ones.  The word “columbarium” is derived from the Latin word columba meaning “dwelling place of a dove.”  The dove has long symbolized in the Christian tradition the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

Where is the Columbarium at First Presbyterian Church?

The columbarium at the church is located in McFarland Chapel.  The first phase of the wall structure was funded by Phil and Dinny Fisher, former members of the church.  The columbarium was dedicated on September 22, 2013, with Mr. and Mrs. Fisher present at the ceremony.  As needed, there is space to expand the structure.

What does a Columbarium columbariummean to church and family members?

A columbarium on church grounds provides a final resting place for church members for whom involvement in the church was an important part of their lives on earth.  It provides a spiritually meaningful place where families can memorialize their loved ones.  As one member said, “It is a place where ashes may be placed.  It may be in a garden or within a church.  My mother will be resting inside the church.  It makes me feel safe, knowing she is inside, knowing she is safe, nestled within the church.  She is in a place where I can go during any kind of weather.  She will be inside, cared for, and remembered by the church always.  Her being there just makes sense to me – seems the right thing to do.”


Who is eligible to purchase the right of inurnment?

Those who are eligible are:

  • members or former members of First Presbyterian Church
  • ministers who have served the church
  • friends who have participated in the life and worship of the church

How much does it cost to purchase space in the Columbarium?

The costs are:

  • $1,100 for a single individual in an urn in half a niche
  • $1,600 for a single individual in an entire niche
  • $1,800 for two individuals from the same family in an entire niche

Whom do I contact for more information?

Informational packets are available from the church office for persons with an interest in purchasing spaces in the columbarium.  The pastor or a member of the Columbarium Committee will be glad to meet with individuals or families interested in knowing more about the theological and practical aspects of a columbarium and the specific procedures concerning the First Presbyterian Church Columbarium.  There is a Columbarium Brochure with additional information.  The church office at 505.982.8544 also has additional information.