Prayer shawl


Prayer Shawl under Ministries Discover Connect Serve 1The Prayer Shawl group of hand knitters creates and distributes shawls that are blessed by prayers of healing and peace.  The Prayer Shawl gatherings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Rendon Room at the church. The time together is spent knitting, sharing community, praying, and meditating.

Once a shawl is completed, it is blessed in Sunday worship, as well as in the gathering. The shawl is then delivered to one who is going through either difficult or celebratory times. The group receives requests for shawls from church members, friends, and the community at large.  During 2016, fifty-two shawls were shared with members and friends of the church.

Visitors are always welcome, as we meditate, pray, and create during our meetings. You are invited to join. For more information about joining the group or requesting a shawl, you may contact Gay Hill or Betty Kersting.


Why a Shawl?

The shawl is a symbol of the prayers, the connectedness, and the concern we have for one another, either when life is difficult or life brings joyous events. Wrapping oneself in the comfort of others’ prayers and concerns can help the receiver experience hope and love. As friends and neighbors, we often want a way to show our loving care for another. The shawl provides this opportunity.

Prayer of Dedication

Prayer Shawl under Ministries Discover Connect Serve 2Great and Loving God

We search for the right words to express our thoughts as we dedicate these shawls to you and for their use by those who are suffering pain, as well as those who are experiencing joy and love in their lives.

Bless our hands as they take the strand of yarn to weave loving thoughts into a shawl of color and warmth.

Help us to set aside time in our busy lives to focus on others through the creation of these shawls.

May these shawls bring tranquility to those who receive them by quieting their souls, just as the making quiets our souls.

May they feel the warmth of your grace and your sustaining goodness as they are wrapped in the folds of woven, colorful fabric.