We are located two blocks from the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe at 208 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

The sanctuary is located at the intersection of Griffin Street and Grant Avenue, near the Convention Center.

Normally, on Sunday mornings, there is free parking behind the church in the government parking areas. It is accessible from Griffin Street. There is also parking on the street that is free on Sundays.  Also, normally, people with disabilities are able to park in the underground lot and can take an elevator to the first floor where the sanctuary is located. However, due to a large construction project and a special governors’ conference, the garage and parking lot are not available as follows:

Garage Closing
The parking garage under the church will be closed Friday, June 22, through Friday, July 20 for replacement of the Preschool play deck.

County Parking Lot Closing
The parking lot behind the church will be closed Wednesday, July 17 through Monday July, 23 for the National Governors’ Conference.

The parking lot at the Convention Center (across Grant Avenue) is the most convenient alternative for parking. The entrance to this parking lot is from S Federal Pl. Elevators can take you up to the exit onto W Marcy St., a half block from the church side entrance on Grant Ave. The church has validation stamps.