Twenty-First Century

New, Efficient, Green Building

As the twenty-first century began, membership was declining to a little over 400 in 2008. Tempted to move, the congregation made a commitment to remain a downtown church. Under the leadership of Rev. Sheila Gustafson, the church’s first female pastor, plans began to take shape for razing all the building except the sanctuary and building a new, more efficient facility.

During a nearly two-year period while construction took place, the congregation worshiped at the Catholic Rosario Chapel located in Rosario Cemetery and rented office and classroom space north of town off St Francis Drive. 

The new three-story building with more efficient space and some underground parking space was dedicated in 2006.

The new C. B. Fisk Organ was installed in the spring of 2008 completing the nearly $7 million project.


In December 2011, Rev. Dr. Harry Eberts III, a church futurist, began his pastorate. Under his leadership, the church is experiencing a new vitality, and new mission efforts are beginning.

In 2015, First Presbyterian was certified as an Earth Care Congregation by Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Environmental Ministries. It is the first Presbyterian Church in New Mexico to earn this certification.

So the ministry and history of the First Presbyterian Church of  Santa Fe continues as we strive to to heal the world, care for our environment, confront injustice, work for peaceful solutions, and care for those in need.